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We provide useful services for all your indoor comfort needs!

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners or air purifiers remove bacteria and viruses, pollen, animal dander, dust, dust mites, mold spores, smoke, and more. They can remove pollutants as small as 0.01 microns- that’s 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficiently the cleaner removes particles.

Cleaning Your Air

What are they?

They are installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system by your HVAC contractor. Every time your system runs the polluted air is filtered through the air cleaner/ air purifier and the clean air is then pumped throughout your entire home via the heating and cooling ductwork

How are they beneficial?

Air Cleaners/Purifiers remove large and small particulates, gases, and odors from the air, providing you with healthier, cleaner air to breathe. Therefore, they are especially beneficial to those with allergies and asthma. However, they are also important for anyone who want their family to breathe the cleanest air possible.

Importance of Air Filters

Learn the importance of regularly changing your air filter in your air conditioning and heating unit and the affect it has on the quality of air in your home. An air filter catches large particles of dust, pollen, and dirt that are found in the air. By the filter trapping these particles, it prevents them from being circulated through your heating and cooling system.

Facts about Filters.

Why does an air filter need to be used?

A heating and cooling system that is used without an air filter has no protection from the dust and dirt that is found in the air. Over time, dust and dirt will eventually build up on the surface and between the fins of the evaporator coil and restrict airflow. This can cause, among other things, a clogged coil and eventually a complete breakdown of the the comfort system.

Why and how often does the air filter need to be changed?

A disposable filter that is left in the air conditioning/ heating system for too long will become dirty and clogged. This can reduce airflow to the point of causing an expensive equipment breakdown.The air filter should be checked monthly and replaced when it appears dirty. It should be replaced no less than every 3 months. If anyone in the household smokes, has allergies, or if there are pets in the home it should be changed more frequently- even if it doesn’t appear dirty.

We keep a large assortment of filter sizes in stock at all times, including but not limited to:

Standard sizes (16x20x1, 20x20x1, etc.)
Odd sizes (16 1/2×21 5/8×1, 20×21 5/8×1, etc.)
3″ filters (16x25x3, etc.)
5″ filters (20x20x5, 20x25x5, etc.)
Perfect Fit filters (16x25x3, etc.)
Filter cartridges (FILCCFNCC014, FILCCFNCC021, etc.)
EZ Flex (EXPXXFIL0024, etc.)Spaceguard filters (201, etc.)


Duct Cleaners

There’s only one way to clean air conditioning and heating systems: thoroughly. EPA research says that cleaning a ventilation system properly, takes several hours using sophisticated tools and equipment. Other studies show that duct cleaners who only spend an hour or two in the home leave a lot of contaminants behind.

We clean cleaner.

Nobody Cleans Cleaner than Mike Morello, Inc. At Mike Morello, Inc. we don’t just clean air ducts. We restore heating and air conditioning systems to peak cleanliness. That includes all mechanical equipment and ductwork. With our professional contractors knowledge and our proprietary methods we can remove the mold growth and dust accumulations that plug critical system components. After we take out the dirt, Mike Morello, Inc. often resurfaces air conditioning and heating units with our patented foil lining process. Nobody cleans cleaner than Mike Morello, Inc.Our cleaning procedures are in full compliance with industry standards from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We follow EPA’s duct cleaning consumer checklist to the letter. Our trained technicians are bright, well groomed, and attentive. They will respect your home and belongings – you never have to clean up after a Mike Morello, Inc. crew!

Feel Better About Choosing Mike Morello, Inc.

Appliance Service Warranty

With a Mike Morello, Inc. Appliance Service Warranty, you’ll get all the service you need – but pay only the fixed annual fee. No deductibles or co-payments! You are protected against the rising costs of parts and labor, because your repair cost for failure during normal usage is locked in.

We clean cleaner.

Protect Yourself Against Costly Appliance Repairs ~ Cover all your major air conditioning and heating appliances for as little as .30 cents a day!

Peace of mind has never been so affordable. Now is a good time to free yourself from the worry of unexpected air conditioning and heating appliance repair bills. A Mike Morello, Inc. Appliance Service Warranty (ASW) , entitles you to unlimited parts and labor for operational repairs on your air conditioning and heating unit and all your major appliances you choose to cover. All brands of products are covered, regardless of how often you need help and repairs. We are just one easy phone call away. You’ll get fast, efficient service from a local company in Flagler County, St. John’s County, and Volusia County, Florida you know will stand behind its commitment to quality and customer service: Mike Morello, Inc.

Call us today for a tailored quote for your major appliances at 386-445-5023

Extended Warranty

Protect your investment with a Mike Morello, Inc. Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty is offered as an addendum to supplement the Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement (ESMA).

Extended Protection.

Protect Your Investment.

The Extended Warranty is written for a period of one year and covers parts, labor, and emergency service for your air conditioning and heating system.

What’s covered:

Condenser fan & motor
Electric heat elements
Start capacitor
Start thermistor
Capillary tube
Wire inside unit
Defrost controls & timers
Compressor evaporator coilIndoor blower motor
Low pressure switch
Limit controls
Electrical connectors
Run capacitor
High pressure switch
Expansion valve
Reversing valve
Condenser coil fuses
Fusible links
Heat sequencers
Start relay

What’s not covered?

ir filters (except standard filters during tune-ups), humidifiers, electronic air filters, electronic thermostats, repairs to sheet metal cabinets and repairing refrigerant leaks in concealed piping, electric circuit breakers external to system refrigerant of any kind.A Mike Morello, Inc. Extended Warranty can only be purchased when the ESMA is in effect or with a purchase of a new ESMA.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Maintenance / Energy Savers

Learn more about the general maintenance your air conditioning and heating unit may require and what Mike Morello, Inc. does for you on a service call.

Take advantage of a Mike Morello, Inc. Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement (ESMA), and have peace of mind that your system will operate at peak performance. Mike Morello, Inc. will provide two (2) energy efficiency tune-ups per year on the heat pump / air-conditioning system.

Maintain Your Unit, Your Investment.

Your maintenance will include the following:

Clean and check condenser coil
Check refrigerant charge
Check starting capabilities
Clean and check condensate drain
Check and adjust blowe
Clean or replace standard air filters
Check for correct air flow
Check all contactors
Lubricate where necessary
Check voltage and amperage
Check all electrical connections
Check thermostat & calibrate (as needed)
Check crankcase heater
Check for proper temperature difference
Check reversing valve
Check safety controls
Clean & check evaporator coil
Check heat strips
Apply protective coating to outside unit
Check all relays

Benefits from regular maintenance:

-  Extended equipment life!
-  Lower electric costs from increased efficiency!
-  No charge for standard air filters (during tune-ups)
-  Increased comfort!
-  15% discount on parts and labor if needed
-  Agreement is transferable
-  Priority emergency service

New Construction

The field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning has come a long way. Today’s state-of- the-art home comfort systems integrate correctly-sized equipment with a sophisticated duct system design – all properly maintained to ensure maximum operating efficiency for the life of the air conditioning and heating system.

Planning to Build?

At Mike Morello Inc., we feel that you deserve a full assessment of your needs based on the facts. In Florida especially, a home comfort system must control heat and humidity to keep you truly comfortable. We evaluate every home individually to design the perfect system that’s perfect for the size of your home and lifestyle.


Sometimes, customers want to replace some or all of their air-conditioning and heating equipment, “retro-fitting” it to their existing duct system. We serve them with the same care and attention to detail that Mike Morello, Inc. has built its reputation on over the past 30 years!

Change-Outs & Replacing Old Equipment.

We perform an in-depth analysis of your home and lifestyle, and determine if our new, high efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment will perform well with their existing duct system. Often, only minor adjustments or repairs are necessary. But, if ducts are damaged or sub-standard, it’s better to replace them in order to receive the full benefit of today’s advanced, high efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment.

Mike Morello, Inc. believes it’s best to evaluate and design a total air conditioning and heating system, not just sell equipment. That way, you get the best air conditioning and heating system possible, and we get a happy customer. We can point to over three decades worth of happy Mike Morello, Inc. customers in Flagler County, St. John’s County, and Volusia County, Florida, and we’re looking forward to making you happy too!

We sell and service all makes and models. Also, at Mike Morello, Inc. our buying power is Unmatched! Guaranteed!!

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