Comprehensive Maintenance

Maintenance / Energy Savers

Learn more about the general maintenance your air conditioning and heating unit may require and what Mike Morello, Inc. does for you on a service call.

Take advantage of a Mike Morello, Inc. Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement (ESMA), and have peace of mind that your system will operate at peak performance. Mike Morello, Inc. will provide two (2) energy efficiency tune-ups per year on the heat pump / air-conditioning system.

Maintain Your Unit, Your Investment.

Your maintenance will include the following:

  1. Clean and check condenser coil
  2. Check refrigerant charge
  3. Check starting capabilities
  4. Clean and check condensate drain
  5. Check and adjust blower
  6. Clean or replace standard air filters
  7. Check for correct air flow
  8. Check all contactors
  9. Lubricate where necessary
  10. Check voltage and amperage
  11. Check all electrical connections
  12. Check thermostat & calibrate (as needed)
  13. Check crankcase heater
  14. Check for proper temperature difference
  15. Check reversing valve
  16. Check safety controls
  17. Clean & check evaporator coil
  18. Check heat strips
  19. Apply protective coating to outside unit
  20. Check all relays


Benefits from regular maintenance:

  1. Extended equipment life!
  2. Lower electric costs from increased efficiency!
  3. No charge for standard air filters (during tune-ups)
  4. Increased comfort!
  5. 15% discount on parts and labor if needed
  6. Agreement is transferable
  7. Priority emergency service
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