Duct Cleaners

There’s only one way to clean air conditioning and heating systems: thoroughly. EPA research says that cleaning a ventilation system properly, takes several hours using sophisticated tools and equipment. Other studies show that duct cleaners who only spend an hour or two in the home leave a lot of contaminants behind.

We clean cleaner.

Nobody Cleans Cleaner than Mike Morello, Inc. At Mike Morello, Inc. we don’t just clean air ducts. We restore heating and air conditioning systems to peak cleanliness. That includes all mechanical equipment and ductwork. With our professional contractors knowledge and our proprietary methods we can remove the mold growth and dust accumulations that plug critical system components. After we take out the dirt, Mike Morello, Inc. often resurfaces air conditioning and heating units with our patented foil lining process. Nobody cleans cleaner than Mike Morello, Inc.

Our cleaning procedures are in full compliance with industry standards from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We follow EPA’s duct cleaning consumer checklist to the letter. Our trained technicians are bright, well groomed, and attentive. They will respect your home and belongings – you never have to clean up after a Mike Morello, Inc. crew!

Feel Better About Choosing Mike Morello, Inc.

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