Appliance Service Warranty

services_appliance_service_warranty_1With a Mike Morello, Inc. Appliance Service Warranty, you’ll get all the service you need – but pay only the fixed annual fee. No deductibles or co-payments! You are protected against the rising costs of parts and labor, because your repair cost for failure during normal usage is locked in.

Protect Yourself.

Protect Yourself Against Costly Appliance Repairs ~ Cover all your major air conditioning and heating appliances for as little as .30 cents a day!

Peace of mind has never been so affordable. Now is a good time to free yourself from the worry of unexpected air conditioning and heating appliance repair bills. A Mike Morello, Inc. Appliance Service Warranty (ASW) , entitles you to unlimited parts and labor for operational repairs on your air conditioning and heating unit and all your major appliances you choose to cover. All brands of products are covered, regardless of how often you need help and repairs. We are just one easy phone call away. You’ll get fast, efficient service from a local company in Flagler County, St. John’s County, and Volusia County, Florida you know will stand behind its commitment to quality and customer service: Mike Morello, Inc.

Call us today for a tailored quote for your major appliances at 386-445-5023.

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