Importance of Air Filters

Learn the importance of regularly changing your air filter in your air conditioning and heating unit and the affect it has on the quality of air in your home.

An air filter catches large particles of dust, pollen, and dirt that are found in the air. By the filter trapping these particles, it prevents them from being circulated through your heating and cooling system.

Facts about Filters.

Why does an air filter need to be used?

A heating and cooling system that is used without an air filter has no protection from the dust and dirt that is found in the air. Over time, dust and dirt will eventually build up on the surface and between the fins of the evaporator coil and restrict airflow. This can cause, among other things, a clogged coil and eventually a complete breakdown of the the comfort system.

services_air_filtersWhy and how often does the air filter need to be changed?

A disposable filter that is left in the air conditioning/ heating system for too long will become dirty and clogged. This can reduce airflow to the point of causing an expensive equipment breakdown.

The air filter should be checked monthly and replaced when it appears dirty. It should be replaced no less than every 3 months. If anyone in the household smokes, has allergies, or if there are pets in the home it should be changed more frequently- even if it doesn’t appear dirty.

We keep a large assortment of filter sizes in stock at all times, including but not limited to:

  • Standard sizes (16x20x1, 20x20x1, etc.)
  • Odd sizes (16 1/2×21 5/8×1, 20×21 5/8×1, etc.)
  • 3″ filters (16x25x3, etc.)
  • 5″ filters (20x20x5, 20x25x5, etc.)
  • Perfect Fit filters (16x25x3, etc.)
  • Filter cartridges (FILCCFNCC014, FILCCFNCC021, etc.)
  • EZ Flex (EXPXXFIL0024, etc.)
  • Spaceguard filters (201, etc.)


If we do not have the filter you need in stock, we can order it for you.

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